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Sexist Beatdown: Retrosexual Menaissance Edition

Exhibit A: This Man stopped wearing Hot Topic at an appropriate age.
Recently, Sady Doyle discerned the social issue that would define our generation:
The chicks today, they get to do so many things! Why, they can vote, and attend colleges, and even drink and smoke in public! These chicks: An alarming number of them [...]

So, How Did You Two Meet?

There's not much of a silver lining to Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino's recent legal troubles. Quick recap: in 2003, the married father-of-five met a woman at a restaurant, had sex with her (there), and paid for her abortion; the woman then attempted to extort him for millions of dollars. But buried inside the ESPN [...]

“He Could Have Sex With Anybody He Wanted.”

He could have sex with anybody he wanted. This is the refrain that we hear, over and over again, whenever any moderately famous person is accused of raping a woman. This is how we instantly discredit the victim of rape before she even opens her mouth, before we hear any of the facts of the [...]