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Washingtonian‘s Presidential Cover Boy

The cover of Washingtonian's "26 Reasons to Love Living Here" edition features a shirtless Barack Obama as "Reason #2: Our New Neighbor Is Hot." Wow, #1 must be at least barely endurable to beat out file photos of Barack Obama's muscles. Really makes you wonder what the other 25 Reasons to Tolerate This Place And [...]

Washington Blade Calls Out Meghan McCain

Political-royalty-turned-blogger Meghan McCain has launched a new campaign to usher gay rights into her hip, young Republican fold—but the gay media is not biting.
In the Daily Beast this week, McCain calls gay rights "one of the [causes] closest to my heart," and insists that "if the Republican Party has any hope of gaining substantial support [...]

Daily Palin: Special Olympics Outrage Edition

Palin "shocked" at Obama Special Olympics bowling comment, returns money he had allocated for Alaskan special education.
PALIN RESPONDS to Barry Obama's quip that he bowls like he belongs in the Special Olympics.
"This was a degrading remark about our world's most precious and unique people, coming from the most powerful position in the world," said Palin, [...]

G.W. ROTC Student Earns White House Protest

Hey! Liberals protesting Obama's White House! The George Washington University's Allied in Pride chapter assumed the cause of sophomore Todd Belok on Saturday, leading 60 students to protest in front of 1600 Penn. Last semester, Belok was dismissed from the G.W. Navy ROTC program after two fellow ROTC members witnessed Belok kissing another man in [...]

George Clooney: Stop Fucking With Me

Okay, Cloon. First, you don't show at Milano. Then, you hit the Newseum without so much as a text message. Now, I have to learn from TMZ, of all places, that you've been coming to Washington to hang with Barack Obama? Ditch the loser, Clooney. My twin-sized second-hand Ikea mattress—luxuriously situated directly on the floor [...]

Drama at the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator

As President Obama prepared to assume office earlier this month, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Dr. Mark R. Dybul—a W. appointee—circulated a memo saying that the president-elect's transition team had asked him to stay on "temporarily." On Jan. 22, Dybul found out what "temporary" meant—a little under two weeks. Last week, the scene at Dybul's office [...]

Obama Lobbies to Drop Family Planning From Stimulus Bill

In a major bummer, feminist centrist President Barack Obama has personally asked Democrats in Congress to drop the family planning provision in the proposed stimulus bill, the Associated Press reports. The speculation is that Obama is looking to crack down on the bill in order to fulfill his campaign promise to look out for the [...]

Sexist Comment of the Day

My WordPress software, as if in a loyal attempt to protect me from cogent, well-delivered criticism of my work, quarantined Emily's comment in my spam folder until this morning. Here's what she had to say on The Feminist Mystique: How Election 2008 Killed a Notorious Word:
Feminism is not supposed to be controversial. It is commonsensical, [...]

Obama Reverses Global Gag Rule on Abortion

And to think, only this morning, Sady over at Tiger Beatdown and I were conversing via Internet about how we weren't exaaaaaactly sure the entire extent of this "gag rule" we'd heard so much about (among other concerns—could you not say the word "abortion," internationally?) but that we knew it was dumb and awful. Now [...]

Three Reasons For Pro-Lifers to Like Obama

This 67-year-old pro-life activist at today's March for Life, who didn't want her name published—"I'm very well known, and I don't want people to know I've had an abortion," she says—lists three things to like about our new President.
1. "He's married, even though it's to that angry, hateful Michelle, who last year delivered a pro-abortion [...]