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Why Black Women Shouldn’t Go to College

Like The Root blogger Jimi Izrael, I'm pretty sick of the recent spate of stories that paint all black women as overly-ambitious career women, and all black men as uneducated imbeciles—as Izrael puts it, "the story of the hard-working, over-achieving black women being held back by the shiftless watermelon-stealing, generally no-account black man." Unlike Izrael, [...]

Hometown Pride Homophobia

Steven Anderson, the gay-hating pastor who preaches that Barney Frank is a paedophile and that Barack Obama deserves to die, operates out of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Ariz. That means that Anderson's religious sermons declaring that gays are rapists, child molesters, "animals meant to be taken and destroyed," and also secretly bisexual [...]

Hillary Clinton: Barack Obama’s Saudi Wife?

On the Daily Beast this week, Tina Brown called out President Barack Obama for keeping Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "invisible" during Obama's recent whirlwind diplomacy tour of Earth.
Brown frames the piece—how else?—by a Middle-Eastern take on the "stuck in the kitchen" analogy:

Obama Meets With My Grandmother Pope

In a private Papal conference today, Pope Benedict met with President Barack Obama for about 40 minutes, then gifted him "a booklet explaining Vatican opposition to practices such as abortion and embryonic stem cell research" and informed Obama he would pray for him:

Meghan McCain Schooled, Spanked, Murdered: Political Debate Or Snuff Porn?

By all media accounts, Meghan McCain was "schooled," "taken to task," "murdered," "crucified," and "pwned" by Paul Begala on Real Time With Bill Maher over the weekend. Let's go to the tape!
As you can see, Begala schooled, punished, crucified and murdered McCain in some sort of live televised pornographic snuff film! Given the creepy terminology [...]

Huffington Post: Liberal Politics, Sexist Entertainment

It's no secret that The Huffington Post fancies itself a left-leaning Web rag. Wikipedia describes Arianna Huffington's aggregatorial monster as "an American liberal news website." Conservapedia's definition, however, might be more helpful: "The site is an extreme mouthpiece for liberals," it reads. "The Huffington Post calls itself an internet newspaper of blogs, news and video [...]

Barack Obama Declares June Naked Cock on the Street Month

Some guy named Gibbons J. Cooney, who posts on a blog with the fun-loving tag-line "You Can't Be Catholic and 'Pro-Choice' On Abortion," is piiiissssed that Barack Obama has declared June "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month."
Why? Because Gibbons J. Cooney has cracked the secret gay code. He knows what "pride" really means: [...]

Protesters Descend Upon Notre Dame

In preparation for President Obama's controversial commencement address at the University of Notre Dame, where he will no doubt speak at length about the virtues of killing newborns, anti-abortion protesters have converged on the University of Notre Dame campus. Some of them are simply rolling around vacant strollers (representing the never-born) or crafting signs reading [...]

Wanda Sykes At the White House Correspondents Dinner: Nipples

Wanda Sykes, personal hero of mine, headlined the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday. We can get Wanda in the White House, but when will we get Pootie Tang into a Washington, D.C. Blockbuster store? I'm still waiting.
"There was never a nipple portrait of Lincoln, I'm sorry."
"I tell my kids: If two cars pull up, [...]

Anti-Abortion Feminism Quote of the Day

In the Washington Post, Kathleen Parker writes on the Notre Dame Barack Obama abortionist love-fest speaker scandal:
Abortion, after all, is settled law, and Obama is the duly elected president. Clearly, the American people have moved on.
Or have they? And should we? Is there really ever a time when we should be comfortable with the ratification [...]