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Reader Beatdown: Why Street Harassment Isn’t a “Bad Neighborhood” Problem

Chloe Angyal has been cat-called all over the world. She's been harassed on the streets of Sydney, Paris, Bali, and New York, in the suburbs and on her stoop, near taco trucks and on college campuses. In this edition of Reader Beatdown, Sexist reader and feminist writer Angyal writes that street harassment happens everywhere—and that claiming [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Rape and “The Slow, Sick Wildebeest” Edition

There's been some lively discussion this week over at the "Rape Analogy: The 'Walking in a Bad Neighborhood' Theory" thread, which addresses the popular perception that women who wear short skirts and other feminine accoutrements are just asking to be raped.
I'd love to revisit all of these comments—especially the one from the guy who wrote, [...]

Rape Analogy: The “Walking in a Bad Neighborhood” Theory

Last week, several commenters on this blog suggested that wearing a short skirt is like walking alone in a bad neighborhood—it's an unsafe behavior that makes women more vulnerable to sexual assault. I live in a neighborhood that has been dismissed by some as a "bad neighborhood." So when I see comparisons to sexual assault [...]