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Dads: Prepare For World Breastfeeding Week

The first week of August marks World Breastfeeding Week, a full seven days of encouraging new mothers to feed their babies from the breast. Are you ladies "pumped" or what? (Heh). Important man angle: "Studies show that the father's stated preference for breastfeeding was found to be the most important factor influencing a [...]

Victim Blaming, In Rape Cases and Fatal Car Accidents

Last night, I re-read Gene Weingarten's Pulitzer Prize-winning feature on parents who accidentally forget their infants in the backseats of their cars, leaving them to swelter to death in the heat. And since I can make connections to rape culture out of practically anything, I was struck by this section in Weingarten's story, about the [...]

Would Your Boyfriend Be “Pleased” By Your Surprise Fetus?

Sexist pet peeve: the persistent myth that women are all privately obsessed with producing tiny widdle babies. Working to debunk that assumption is a recent National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy study [PDF] which surveyed thousands of young Americans, aged 18 to 29, about their thoughts and perceptions about pregnancy. Guess which group [...]

Your Decrepit Ovaries May Be Sabotaging Your Career

As a 24-year-old woman who hasn't yet hit the dreaded Fertility Death Zone of life after 30, perhaps I'm not in the position to be amused by this Washington Post headline:

. . . But allow me to ignore the cries of my soon-to-be decrepit ladyparts for a moment in order to re-write this headline [...]

How Stay-at-Home Dads Can Keep Women In Their Place

In this week's YouTube video chat, Dr. Laura Schlessinger addresses an unnatural new development of modern life: stay-at-home dads. What are the possible psychological effects of this strange permutation of the traditional child-rearing arrangement? A listener writes in Thinking of the Children:

Bizarre BreastFeeding Contraption #2: The Breastfeeding Curtain

Want to be able to breast-feed in public, but not down with the boob flashing? Hundreds of inventors have patented devices to help limit public displays of mommy’s food-source.  Many: weird.
Bizarre Breastfeeding Contraption: The Breastfeeding Curtain

Public Breast-Feeding: What the Nursing Bib Means for the Right to Bare Breasts

Nothing to see here: Laseinde wants newborns to suck and cover.
Ella Laseinde is accustomed to seeing strangers’ breasts. “I’m a mammographer, so I’m with the breasts constantly,” says Laseinde, 71, who spent 30 years in government service—including five at the National Institutes of Health screening women’s chests. That’s not to say she’s interested in catching [...]

Can You Trust Your Baby in Barack Obama’s Hands?

Noted change enthusiast Barack Obama has consistently worked to maintain one time-honored campaign tradition: Holding and kissing babies. He seriously loves doing this. Surely, you can trust your newborn human in the estimable arms and lips of our president-elect. Or can you?
Housing Complex blogger Ruth Samuelson notes the baby-dropping potential of this frightening political trend. [...]

The Morning After: “Reborn” Babies Edition

Right: Baby "Suri," because of course the Reborn movement has some sort of weird overlap with the Scientologists.
"Reborn" baby dolls! According to several reports from the mainstream media, real women have taken to carting around these not-really-real-yet-frighteningly realistic human baby dolls in order to fill the aching void left by their own lack of children/poor [...]

Curmudgeonly Baby Reporting Ahead

Since embarking on this sex column less than a day ago, I've been bombarded with nearly several hot news tips concerning private parts. "I have something to tell you," one coworker informed me as I happened past his modest cube dwelling. "Minnie Driver has had a baby."
People whose names I vaguely recognize procreate so often [...]