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How the AP Stylebook Fails Transgender Subjects

The Associated Press Stylebook sets a fairly helpful standard for media coverage of transgender subjects. According to the AP "sex changes" entry, reporters are to:
Use the pronoun preferred by the individuals who have acquired the physical characteristics (by hormone therapy, body modification, or surgery) of the opposite sex and present themselves in a way that [...]

Daily Palin: From Fiancé to Babydaddy Edition

What is with Vice Presidential candidates causing stirs over unwed mamas?
FINALLY: FIANCEE TURNS BABYDADDY, says Sharon Cobb, who thinks the whole blessed holy matrimony schtick Palin paraded the kids around for was just some racist bullshit to begin with:
Why is it that when a white teenage woman gets pregnant out of wedlock it's a 'blessed [...]

Mainstream Liberal Media Twisted Lie Video Corner

Above: Associate Press video of last week's March for Life activities. But before you watch, beware! This footage has not been approved by the seasoned media critics over at the comment section at Among their critiques:
"Why is it that the prolifers can go through the entire march without spotting a single proabortion counter protester, [...]

The Morning After

* In case you missed it: Washington Post reports killer story on drunk man who finds bed in wrong home. The story just keeps getting better. The lede is solid:
There's drunken confusion, and then there's the place that a 50-year-old Montgomery County man found himself—in the wrong bed in the wrong house.
The late night snack [...]