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Having A Butt Won’t Change Your Life

As someone who has always had an ass that's slightly out of proportion with the rest of her body, I was interested to hear about the benefits that ass-enhancing undergarment "Booty Pop" was selling. Indulge me, Booty Pop. List the virtues of my fat ass:
Apparently, by having a butt, I reap a variety of benefits. [...]

Huffington Post Swimsuit Edition Goes Gender-Neutral

The Huffington Post's latest foray into celebrity eye-candy linkbait, "Iconic Swimsuit Movie Moments," comes in two flavors: Male and Female.
The Huffington Post, it seems, has tired of just fetishizing female bodies, and has moved onto more equal-opportunity objectification. Since it's too much to ask for a Web site to refrain from objectifying any humans, is [...]