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Hate Cheaters, Love America: The Commercial

Michigan family lawyer Ryan Hill is so morally outraged by extramarital affair dating website Ashley Madison that he launched the "My Marriage Matters" campaign—and shot this awkward television spot—to bring the cheating service down. The result: Schmaltzy piano, sexy infidelity shots, and Hill doing the Bill Clinton thumb-gesture in front of a waving American flag. [...]

Man Crunch: A Repressed Conservative’s Gay Kiss?

Today, Mediate reported that Man Crunch, the gay dating Web site whose men-kissing Super Bowl ad was rejected by CBS, may be hiding a less-than-progressive agenda. This makes so much sense.

It Was A Bad Week For Missed Connections

Sometimes, Craigslist Missed Connections have the power to renew your faith in love-at-first sight. Other times, they will destroy your faith in humanity. This is one of those times.
I don't know what possibly could have happened this week to inspire some of the saddest missed connections that I have ever seen, but it's not my [...]

Ashley Madison’s Conservative Values, an online dating site that facilitates extramarital affairs, has never been too popular among moral conservatives. Earlier this year, Deroy Murdock argued on Human Events that Ashley Madison has edged out gay marriage as the number one threat to traditional matrimony. Now, cluck-clucking conservatives won't have to choose between the cheaters and the gays: [...]

Ashley Madison Pro-Cheating Advertising Hits D.C.

Ashley Madison, the online social network for men and women seeking extra-marital affairs, has had trouble landing its advertisements (above) on television and radio. So they've dumped their pro-cheating ads on the side of Remy Santiago's gasoline truck. On Friday, Santiago's cheatin' truck rolled through D.C., and settled in one location for about an hour. [...]