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Sexist Beatdown: Rape or Art? Edition

Roman Polanski is free again: A victory for art, intellectualism, European sexual mores, and French dudes with a column on HuffPo, no? Um, no—all attempts to hide a convicted rapist who fled sentencing under a pile of shiny Oscar statuettes will not fool Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown and I! For, as Sady explains in [...]

MOCA DC Owner David Quammen Dons Nipple Tassel In Protest

When flurry over a nipple tassel (among other things) forced MOCA DC out of its Georgetown digs, gallery owner David Quammen promised to send the gallery off by replacing his standard eye-patch with the incriminating breast covering. Quammen sent over this photographic evidence as proof. "Wore it all night," he says. MOCA DC's final event [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Homophobic Penis Sketch Edition

Last week, readers theorized as to why art students avoid drawing the penises of nude models. Both David Quammen and John Hammack attest to students avoiding their genitalia by inserting an obscuring shade or a set of imaginary shorts over their crotches. Is homophobia and sexual repression to blame, or is free penis sketching a [...]

The Hazards of Nude Modeling

Three area artists’ models bare all about the job’s hazards: potential psychopaths, fake artists, and people who draw imaginary shorts on them.

This Week In Sexist Art History: Judith Leyster And the Rapiness of Yore

It's been a banner week for Sexist History! First, we revisited an 1893 New York Times piece which informed us why children are the sexiest swimmers of all. Then, we wrote some Sexist History of our own and discovered why male models may inhabit sexism's final frontier. Now, for some Sexist Art History: Why we [...]

Drag Queen Thumb Wrestling Tomorrow

There's art, too: Untitled by April Behnke
What can I say? I give, and I give, and I give. If you've always wanted to thumb-wrestle D.C.'s most illustrious drag queens—and who hasn't!—your wish can come true tomorrow afternoon. Transformer Gallery, in order to celebrate the final night of its "Summer Camp" exhibit, is staging a drag [...]

In Defense of the National Museum of Women in the Arts

The blogger over at Teaching Artist knows it's tough. It's all about ladies. It costs ten bucks. It took Teaching Artist a year and a half to make a visit. Still, TA says just suck it up and go to the National Museum of Women in the Arts:
I’m aware that there may be some apprehension [...]

Dear Sexist

Ask The Sexist "is this sexist?" and she will whisper back softly, "maybe." Contact The Sexist with your queries.