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What About Anti-Rape Songs That Trigger Rape Victims?

Anti-Rape Anthem: As of late, The Sexist's Date Rape Anthem series has taken a welcome turn for the feel-good. Over the past few weeks, we've examined series of songs about rape that actually take a stand against the crime, instead of reinforcing the "nonconsensual sex in da club" trend. In order to bolster the list [...]

Date Rape Anthem: Downset.’s “Ritual”

Hold on to your backwards hats and creatively groomed goatees, ya'll, because anti-rape anthems are about to go rapcore:
Date Rape Anthem: downset.'s "Ritual," an anti-rape song that rages against the machine . . . of gender hatred. Thanks to reader Chris Graffeo for the tip.

Date Rape Anthem: 7 Year Bitch’s “Dead Men Don’t Rape”

OK. It's about time these Date Rape Anthems got down to serious business:
Date Rape Anthem: 7 Year Bitch's "Dead Men Don't Rape," another in our anti-rape anthem series, obviously. Thanks to commenter Shannon Drury for the tip.