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NOM Demands to Vote on Gay Marriage in Maryland

As promised, the NOM mandatory heterosexuality tour hit Annapolis today at noon. There, NOM leader Brian Brown demanded that Maryland voters have a chance to vote on same-sex marriage. Brown lives in Virginia. Derek McCoy of the Association of Maryland Families was on-hand to lend local support of the idea:
We will fight for marriage in [...]

NOM Mandatory Heterosexuality Tour Hits Maryland

Tomorrow at noon, the NOM mandatory heterosexuality bus tour will hit Annapolis. The big anti-gay bus will pull up in front of the Maryland State House, where it will be joined star local anti-gay talent: The Bishop Harry Jackson, described by NOM as a "leader in the effort to take back marriage in Washington DC." [...]

Joe Rogan Explains Why Gay Slurs Aren’t Anti-Gay

Ever wonder what happened to Joe Rogan? Rogan got his break as "Joe," the eccentric maintenance fellow on NewsRadio. Then, he hosted Fear Factor. Then, he hosted The Man Show, when even Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla would no longer host The Man Show. Now, according to Wikipedia, Rogan is a "color commentator for the [...]

Dr. Ruth Jacobs Is Back With More Bizarre Genital Commentary

Last we checked in with Dr. Ruth Jacobs, president of the Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government, she was explaining why transgender women should not be allowed in her bathroom: “If somebody with an opposite body part is allowed in to a ladies’ restroom—a guy who has a penis, who could put his penis inside my [...]

Follow the Westboro Baptist Church’s Tour of Anti-Gay Nonsense

The Westboro Baptist Church, proud owner of, is hitting up the Equality March in Washington D.C. this weekend, Joe My God reports. If the church's nonsensical picket schedule can be believed, Fred Phelps and friends will be hitting up three D.C. locations in one big anti-gay tour: The D.C. Jewish Community Center, the Annual [...]

NOM and Perez Hilton In YouTube Pissing Match

Well, well, well, isn't this interesting. The National Organization for Marriage is bristling at Perez Hilton's request for YouTube to remove a NOM ad (above) which features footage of Hilton calling Miss California Carrie Prejean a "dumb bitch." Hilton claimed that NOM had violated copyright laws by lifting "about three seconds of footage" from his [...]

Stephen Colbert’s Anti-Gay Ad

Stephen Colbert has created his own anti-gay-marriage ad parody that mocks both the National Organization for Marriage's "Gathering Storm" ad and the hilarious leaked audition tapes that prove just how difficult it is for trained actors to spew homophobic lies on cue [h/t Broadsheet]

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