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“Can We Abort the Terrorists Instead of Waterboarding Them?”

If only! Ann Coulter voices her support of an investigator's right to choose to waterboard.
I think I'm arriving at some sort of unified theory of Coulterism:
abortion IS WORSE THAN terrorism IS WORSE THAN waterboarding
terrorists DESERVE TO BE waterboarded
abortionists DESERVE TO BE terrorized
Joy Behar DESERVES TO BE aborted

Far-Right Anti-Abortion Group Harasses Other Far-Right Anti-Abortionists

What do far-right anti-abortion conservatives do while Democrats busy themselves in Congress and the White House with the economic crisis? They harass each other for not being far enough right and anti-abortion enough.
This time, it's the American Right to Life Action group repeatedly harassing Ann Coulter for her support of Mitt Romney, who is [...]