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Note to Saint-Ex: “You Guys” Is Gender-Neutral

Yesterday, I arrived at Café Saint-Ex, a self-described "charming restaurant and lounge." After waiting at the bar with my male companion, the host seated us and informed us that our waiter would be by shortly. The waiter approached from behind. "Hey guys," he said, wheeling around to face us. "Oh, God, uhh, wrong choice of [...]

A Very Androgynous Christmas

First, my English major mea culpa: I hadn't been exposed to Thomas Pynchon until this winter, when I finally took the time to read the Crying of Lot 49—all 150 pages of it. I found myself completely consumed by Oedipa, Pynchon's adulterous estate executor turned clandestine postal service detective protagonist. After a little bit of [...]