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Today In Smut Wars: Sexy Looks and Suitable Marriage Partners

Since the strangely explicit anti-pornography briefing "Porn Harms" hit Capitol Hill in June, commentators have been weighing in with alternate perspectives on the state of smut today. Their thoughts—from a defense of "the fuck me look" to nostalgia about a 1978 Penthouse, after the jump:

Who Did Elena Kagan Take To Prom, and Other Exercises in Heterosexism

Andrew Sullivan wants to know, once and for all, if Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is gay. He writes:

The Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: Sexy Male Edition

Andrew Sullivan crashed our servers this morning when he linked to our roundup of the baddest sexy Halloween costumes. The worst of the slutty holiday get-ups are generally reserved for the ladies. But surely, Sullivan deserves an awful sexy Halloween costume of his own, no? Thanks to, men don't have to settle for lame [...]

Prop 8 Protest Roundup

As fires raged in Southern California, protesters around the world gathered to voice their opposition to California's Prop 8.
* Flickr user Grant Gochnauer snaps this great sign from a Chicago protest (above).
* The L.A. Times details a 1992 Colorado battle against an anti-anti-discrimination amendment that suggests how the fight in California might proceed.
* Andrew Sullivan [...]