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U.S. Government Could Fire You For Fucking Wrong

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) has just fired 33 employees "after background checks were run on more than 16,500 agency employees," the Washington Post's Joe Davidson reports. Whatever were those background checks looking for? According to the Pentagon, "employees' financial histories was one of 13 factors considered when officials decided who would [...]

Sexist Beatdown: “So I Was Inserting The Female Condom Into My Vagina” Edition

It's all female condom all the time this week on the Sexist. Female condom in a rubber vagina! Female condom in the anus! But despite the exhaustive orifice coverage (do not insert the female condom into your mouth!), questions remain. Like, what does illustrious ladyblogger Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown think about putting the female [...]

The Female Condom Goes Anal

As the District launches a new campaign encouraging women to put female condoms into their vaginas, some activists are focused on getting the device into a different orifice. Michael Petrelis, 51, has been promoting the use of the female condom among gay men since the 90's. “When I first learned about the device, I thought [...]

Sexist Beatdown: “Buster Darkhole” and the Conservative College Sex Column

College sex columns: So wrong, they're . . . boring.
This week, the Nation’s Alex Dibranco declared that the college sex column represents "a radical progressive movement in the sense of pushing against traditional silence and the status quo." That might have been true when sex columns first popped up on college campuses in 1996, but [...]

University Sex Columns, Reviewed

This week, the Nation's Alex Dibranco provided a brief history of the "Student Sex Column Movement." The college sex column, Dibranco argues, is "a radical progressive movement in the sense of pushing against traditional silence and the status quo," she writes. "Challenges to the columns stem from a conservative mindset . . . [...]

Stealth Anal Sex Anthem: Usher’s “Trading Places”

The first time I heard Usher's new gender-bending single, "Trading Places," the D.J. introduced it as a "backseat jam"—a track that's very conducive to fucking. "Trading Places," which follows Usher and his lady-friend as they trade gender roles in the bedroom for an evening, presents gender transgression as a one-off sexual novelty. It's also not [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Abnormal Sex Edition

Topless gothic water-wimmin: Normal or abnormal? Discuss.
Welcome back to "Sexist Beatdown," wherein the very abnormal Sady of Tiger Beatdown, and the merely abnormal Amanda, of the Sexist, chat about topics of interest to finer women. This week: Sex, is it normal or abnormal? How about when there is pee, children, and/or wheelchairs involved? Canadian young [...]