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Ask Amy Responds to Rape Criticism. She Still Doesn’t Get It.

"Ask Amy" advice columnist Amy Dickinson has finally (publicly) responded to criticism of her recent column in which she told a rape victim she was the "victim of your own awful judgment," shied away from using the word "rape," and instructed her to consult her rapist "in order to determine what happened." Today, Dickinson printed [...]

Ask Amy to Reader: “How dare you call me a ‘rape apologist'”

Amy Dickinson, "Ask Amy" advice columnist for the Chicago Tribune, has declined to publicly respond to criticism of a column she wrote last month in response to advice-seeker "Victim? In Virgina." You know the one: The column informing a rape victim she was a "victim of your own awful judgment," calling the crime "sex" that [...]

When Will “Ask Amy” Answer to Rape Advice?

Amy Dickinson, the Chicago Tribune's advice columnist behind "Ask Amy," is accustomed to spouting off opinions about anything from avoiding discussing serious issues with women who are menstruating to outing gays. On one issue, however, Dickinson has been conspicuously silent. On Nov. 27, Dickinson published a column advising a rape victim to figure out whether [...]

Don’t Know If You Were Raped? Ask Your Rapist!

On Friday, "Ask Amy"* advice columnist Amy Dickinson fielded a query from a woman with an ominous pseudonym: "Victim? In Virginia." (Thanks to commenter CC for the tip).
"Victim?" wanted to know: Was I raped?
Amy responded with a laundry list of victim-blaming cliches—and one original piece of very bad advice. At column's end, Amy suggests that [...]