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Hiring Inequality Through The Daily Show

As it turns out, that fawning defense of The Daily Show by its women employees illustrates exactly what's wrong with the show's hiring practices. They write:
Jon’s not just a guy in a suit reading a prompter. His voice and vision shape every aspect of the show from concept to execution. The idea that [...]

Sexual Assault or Lovers’ Quarrel?

Yesterday, I wrote about the Washington Examiner's characterization of Miss D.C. 2009 Jen Corey's sexual assault as a "bar fight." Actually, a man sexually assaulted Corey, and she defended herself physically in order to protect herself from further attack.
Today, Amanda Marcotte filed a helpful post identifying how media outlets routinely describe assaults against women in [...]

The Morning After: Masculinity Crisis Edition

* Figleaf points us to the myth that masculinity is perpetually "in crisis," from Rip Van Winkle onward.

Sexist Beatdown: The Chat They Didn’t Want You to Read! Edition

Role-playing time! Let's say you're having sex, with a partner, in whatever manner that you both enjoy. And let's say that toward the end of your time together, your partner asks, "Hey, would you mind if I brought several million of our closest friends in here, just to observe this?" And you're like, "Oh, please, [...]

The Morning After: Non-Consensual Sex Blogging Edition

* A new sex blogger writing for THE LINE asks: Does writing about your sexual experiences veer into non-consensual territory?

The Morning After: Why Women Hate McMansions and Love Soft Pillows Edition

What women want.
* I am in love with Kerry Howley's book review of Paco Underhill's "What Women Want"—an examination of the consumer behavior of what Underhill terms "the female of the species" of humans. Marry me, Kerry Howley's book review:

The Morning After: The Brave Suckiness of Ke$ha Edition

Good morning, Sexist readers:
* Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams got me all excited when she titled this post "Fighting for Ke$ha's Right to Suck," because . . . come on, she does. But isn't it interesting how aggressive sucking is pretty much exactly the vibe that  Ke$ha's music is going for? I mean, the woman is auto-tuned within an [...]

The Morning After: “I Agree With Alex Knepper” Edition

What are you smiling about?
Hi, Sexist readers. Welcome to a new daily item, in which I link to the sex-and-gender pieces of note from around the Internets. I'd love to link to what you're reading, as well; file your suggestions here!
* After writing a diatribe against rape victims that begins "I agree with Alex Knepper," [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Is Hook-Up Culture Eating Our Brains Edition

This video is extremely confusing to me. I am old.
Hooking up: We know it's all the rage among kids these days! But for us Elderly Folk who are, like, three years out of college, questions remain.
For example: Sex is great and all, but wouldn't girls be happier if they consumed several meals paid for by [...]

The Morning After: Yummy Biden Edition

* CP's Young and Hungry columnist, Tim Carman, deems Biden yummier than Obama, at least when it comes to .Asia Nine’s inaugural-themed sushi: "This may be the only time I’ll actually choose Biden over Obama," he writes. the "Biden Vice President Roll, with its deep savory roasted duck and sweet and spicy accents, is superior [...]