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De-Friendly Fire: American University student makes Facebook rape accusation

Facebook ’em: Chloe Rubenstein raises an accused rapist’s profile.
On April 22, Chloe Rubenstein posted a note on her Facebook page.
“ATTENTION WOMEN,” she wrote, before identifying two American university students by name and calling them rapists. She went on: “we should all be aware! Stay away at all costs. They are predators and will show [...]

The Morning After: “I Agree With Alex Knepper” Edition

What are you smiling about?
Hi, Sexist readers. Welcome to a new daily item, in which I link to the sex-and-gender pieces of note from around the Internets. I'd love to link to what you're reading, as well; file your suggestions here!
* After writing a diatribe against rape victims that begins "I agree with Alex Knepper," [...]

American University Students Debate New Sexual Assault Policy; Vitriol Ensues

After a week of national media coverage over a column by Alex Knepper casting doubt on the existence of date rape, American University student newspaper The Eagle has devoted its home page to serious discussions of the problem of rape on campus. In one story, the paper discusses proposed changes to the school's sexual assault [...]

American University Student Newspapers Vandalized Over “Rape Apology”

In a spirited diatribe entitled "Dealing With AU's anti-sex brigade" published yesterday in the American University Eagle, AU's resident anti-feminist thinker, Alex Knepper, argues that feminists who rally against rape are turning act of sex into a sorry ritual in which "two amorphous, gender-neutral blobs ask each other 'Is this OK with you?.'” [...]