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Sexist Beatdown: Liz Lemonist Feminism Edition

Exhibit A: Feminist white lady with glasses Liz Lemon; feminist white lady with glasses Sady Doyle.
According to Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown's ex-boyfriends, Sady Doyle bears a striking resemblance to 30 Rock anti-heroine Liz Lemon. "The popular television sitcom 30 Rock premiered in the year 2006," Doyle writes. "Since that time, each [...]

Celebrate National “Offend A Feminist” Week!

Ooh boy, it's National Offend a Feminist Week!
You know, as a feminist blogger, I spend most weeks out of the year not getting offended by anything. Frankly, I'm sick of raking up obscure sexist bullshit to be offended by! That's why I always look forward to National Offend a Feminist Week, when I finally get [...]

Sexist Beatdown: It’s OK to Want to Do Your Dad As Long As Your Dad Is Alec Baldwin Edition

Welcome back to Sexist Beatdown, a weekly ladyblog collaboration between myself and Sady of Tiger Beatdown: When our powers combine, etc.
Up for discussion this morning: Caitlin Flanagan's most recent book review, "The Passion of Alec Baldwin," an epic indulgence of armchair celebrity psychoanalysis in which Flanagan argues that:
(a) Alec Baldwin is a babe
(b) Ireland Baldwin [...]