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The State of LGBT Health—Minus the “T”

This week, the District Mayor's Office of GLBT Affairs released the "LGB Health 2010 Report," an examination of everything from smoking habits to sexual behavior in the gay community. This is the District's first report to address the health of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals in the District. But as the report's title makes clear, the [...] Airs Student Failures In Sex, Humanity

Three Georgetown students (and another from NYU) have launched, a website for anonymously airing your greatest sex fails. “After a traumatizing hookup experience, [we] looked for a place to post the story online and realized that no such website existed," a site creator (they won't reveal their names) told [...]

HIV in D.C., By the Numbers

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control released a new report on HIV in D.C. including numbers through 2008. Here's a look at the extent of the epidemic, according to the CDC's findings:

“Loud, Fearless, Opinionated” Black Women to Receive Free Makeovers

Loud, black, and in need of a makeover? You could be on television!
A new reality television show pilot will be filming in the District next week. Casting director seeks locals willing to fulfill standard network television stereotype of a black woman. Successful applicants will be rewarded with the ultimate fantasy of all stereotypical women on [...]