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Dear Abby Takes On the “Smile, Baby” Guy

Via Heartless Doll, I'm pleased to report that Dear Abby has finally taken on an issue of paramount feminist concern: The etiquette of reacting to the strange man who insists that you smile for him.
Abby, to her credit, suggests that the recipient of the "smile!" command drop the formalities and get the eff away from [...]

In Which a 12-Year-Old Constructs A Fort In Her Closet, And Her Mom Assumes She Is A Lesbian

Today's Dear Abby is a keeper. The letter, from "CONCERNED IN HOUSTON":
DEAR ABBY: My 12-year-old daughter, "Jenna," is in the closet—literally. About a week ago, she moved into her closet. She put her dresser in there, threw some blankets on the floor and that's where she hangs out now. When asked why she doesn't hang [...]

Resolved: Abandoning Your Rape-Victim Wife Is A Dick Move

On Friday, advice columnist Carolyn Hax took on a strangely well-worn query for today's relationship advice columnists. Here's the situation (thanks to Heartless Doll for the tip): A woman is raped. She becomes pregnant. She decides to carry the pregnancy to term. Her husband decides he wants a divorce.
Question for the columnist: Is this guy [...]

Reader Booty Call: “You seem like you may have some sexual tension issues going on”

Not too long ago, a female blogger asked me for some career-related advice. One of her commenters had written her a long e-mail expressing his romantic interest in her, and she was unsure how to respond. Having never received such a missive myself, I didn't have any personal experience to share with my fellow lady-blogger. [...]

When Will “Ask Amy” Answer to Rape Advice?

Amy Dickinson, the Chicago Tribune's advice columnist behind "Ask Amy," is accustomed to spouting off opinions about anything from avoiding discussing serious issues with women who are menstruating to outing gays. On one issue, however, Dickinson has been conspicuously silent. On Nov. 27, Dickinson published a column advising a rape victim to figure out whether [...]

Don’t Know If You Were Raped? Ask Your Rapist!

On Friday, "Ask Amy"* advice columnist Amy Dickinson fielded a query from a woman with an ominous pseudonym: "Victim? In Virginia." (Thanks to commenter CC for the tip).
"Victim?" wanted to know: Was I raped?
Amy responded with a laundry list of victim-blaming cliches—and one original piece of very bad advice. At column's end, Amy suggests that [...]

Advice Columnist Tells Victim She Wasn’t Actually Raped, And Should Have Aborted Her Not-Rape Baby

Daily Telegraph advice columnist Lesley Garner is faced with a doozy of a conundrum this week, a situation so horrible that it could only possibly be made worse by . . . the recommendations of Daily Telegraph advice columnist Lesley Garner!
The situation: "Eva," a married woman, is raped by her boss on a business trip. [...]

“How to Be Smart and Avoid Date Rape” Is Dumb

I'm sure that this eHow article on how to avoid date rape means well, but some of the tips—like "If you get in his car, you will not be able to get out!!!!"—are, perhaps, extreme. And the title could use a bit of work:

Take A Trip Down Boner Lane

Today, Scarleteen—a great resource for teenagers who are first beginning to, you know, explore the feelings of, like, doin' it and stuff—published an epic roundup of boner queries.
Scarleteen titles its hard-on treasure trove more delicately: "The Roundup of 'I Get an Erection When …' Questions." (Stay tuned for the inevitable "Roundup of I Get an [...]

An Open Letter to the Performer of “Smell Yo Dick”

Dear Riskay (pictured):
I bet you thought you were quite clever when you asked your significant other if you could smell his genitals in order to determine if he had had sex with another woman, then detailed your investigations in your 2008 single, "Smell Yo Dick":
"Why you comin' home / Five in the morn' / Somethin's [...]