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Ads Encourage D.C. Metro “Love”

This odd ad for Arlington's "Car-Free Diet" initiative, currently appearing in D.C.-area Metro stations, encourages Metro riders to tone up—and get flirting!—on their commutes. Love-themed transportation initiatives may fly in Copenhagen, but since D.C. already has plenty of passengers looking for "love" with the closest unsuspecting target on a crowded Metro train—sometimes non-consensually—is this really [...]

Sexist E-Mail: So, Why Are Your Ads So Sexist?

In an e-mail last week, Sexist reader Ari Sahagun wrote in objecting to some "incongruous" advertising accompanying a Sexist blog post. She writes:
So I was reading some articles in The Sexist blog; mostly about feminism, women's rights, women's issues, etc.  I came to this page, where I was shown an ad about weight [...]

Tucker Max Too Sexist For Ad Space?

According to one employee from an ad network solicited by Tucker Max, everyone's favorite rape culture scholar has been shopping around some ads for "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" based on his fratty "fact" catchphrases. Sample Tucker Max "facts": "Sexism isn’t the same as misogyny, you stupid bitch," and "The best thing about [...]

Can Expensive Advertising Beat Domestic Violence?

Rarely am I moved by a feat of advertising, but this Amnesty International anti-domestic violence ad managed to resonate with me. The bus poster is equipped with a camera which uses some sort of futuristic technology to know when it's attracted your eye. The gadget aficionados over at Gizmodo are moved as well, in their [...]

When Gender Equality Goes Horribly Wrong

AdFreak has discovered these sexualized advertisements for Davidoff cigars. Each ad is accompanied by a photograph of a male model appearing to orgasm upon catching a whiff of some fine Davidoff cigar smoke. The ads read, "Every Man Has a D-Spot."
Finally, you may be thinking. Men reduced to sex objects in order to sell phallic [...]

Hate Palin? Rent a Storage Locker

Via Feministing, a photo of a new ad in New York subways for Manhattan Mini-Storage—and against Sarah Palin. When will the kitschy pro-choice advertisement strategy hit the District?