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Rapists Who Don’t Think They’re Rapists

You know the guy who "accidentally" rapes women? The acquaintance who "misreads" the situation and "goes too far"? The longtime friend who genuinely thought you had consented, and is shocked when you tell him that, no, it was rape? Well, we're not going to take that guy's bullshit anymore. Thomas MacAulay Millar over at the [...]

Legal Consent, Morning-After Regret, and “Accidental” Rape

Over the past few weeks, this blog has hosted some really productive discussion threads about rape prevention, victim blaming and new models for sexual consent. I'd like to thank everybody who has participated, but I'd also like to directly address a few theories that have arisen over the course of these discussions. And I would [...]

On the Difficulty of “Saying No”

Kathryn Holmquist's little piece of horrific sex advice—sometimes, girls, it's "too late to say no”—has evolved into a more advanced discussion on this blog. The question: Why should women be required to say "no" in the first place?