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ABC News Story on Showing Boobs Won’t Show Boobs

ABC News has picked up the story of local ABC affiliate WJLA's series on breast cancer detection. WJLA has courted national media attention for its decision to televise a local woman's self breast exam, un-draped, un-blurred, and unedited. ABC News, for one, remains committed to blurring the boobs: "for our purposes, we are showing it [...]

Journalism Fail: Student Masturbation Column Or ABC News?

The editor of the Towson University Towerlight resigned last week over controversies stemming from the newspaper's sex column. In her resignation letter, Carrie Wood wrote that University President Robert Caret wrote her an "intimidating, patronizing and bullying" e-mail voicing concerns about the column's servicey take on mutual masturbation.Wood responded to Caret's missive with an e-mail [...]

Grime Scenes: 2390 Champlain St NW, A Madam’s (News) Organ

The Deborah Jeane Palfrey story had boffo foreplay and a really shitty climax.
And it started right here at City Paper. That's where Palfrey, based in California, bought classified advertisements seeking local college-age whores to service her high-powered johns in the DC market.
Well, that was basically how legal authorities played the tale when they busted Palfrey [...]