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Come for the Pizza, Stay for the Deconstruction of Masculinity

One Thursday last month, during the lunch hour at H.D. Woodson Senior High School, half a dozen teenage boys have gathered to eat pizza and talk about hollering at women. “From where I come from, you holler at a girl,” one student tells the group. “A girl can’t be too upset when a guy is [...]

Top 10 Rap Sex Euphemisms

Talking about having sex is healthy. But with radio censors intent on bleeping out the most explicitly offensive material, what's Lil' Wayne to do when he wants to write an entire song about a woman performing oral sex on him? Invent a bizarre euphemisms for fun and profit. Below, the top ten euphemisms for sex [...]

A Hierarchy of Date-Rape Jams

[View a full-sized version here].
I've been writing a lot about date rape in popular culture lately, particularly in music. Most of my treatment has involved parsing the lyrics of popular songs with rape-scenario undertones: Asher Roth's soft indictment of college date rape; A Tribe Called Quest's anti-date rape, menstruation-joke opus; Slick Rick's anal-themed rape song. [...]

Date Rape Anthems: Reader-Submitted Edition

Blame it on Jamie Foxx. Since I began outing popular date rape songs, the nominations for "rapey" tracks have been pouring in. At this point, I'm having a hard time finding a song that's not secretly about acquaintance rape. Below, your picks.
Date Rape Anthem: The Music For Misanthropes blog suggests 50 Cent featuring Justin Timberlake's [...]