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The Morning After: Post-Racial Deodorant Edition


* The Daily Beast's Tricia Romano declares Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa a "post-racial commercial genius." Commercial genius? Yes, ladies. Post-racial? Not so much, says Georgetown Girl.

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What Makes Robyn Deane A Woman “In Process”?

On Friday, the Washington Post profiled Robyn Deane—transgender woman, LGBT activist, and former in-law of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. It's an interesting piece—with a couple of strange hang-ups.

First, the headline: "Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's former in-law speaks out for gay rights." Deane certainly does speak out for gay rights, but it seems odd to emphasize that fact above her trans activism. Next, the photo gallery: It begins with a series of photos of Deane applying makeup, hair-spray, and pantyhose, as if to emphasize the fact that Deane's  beauty regimen (quite typical, for a woman) is somehow relevant to that activism.

And then there's this:

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A Brief History of Date Lab Racism

Date LabWe know that the vast majority of daters in the Washington Post Magazine's blind date feature, Date Lab, discriminate based on gender. Of the 3,300 potential District daters in the Post's applicant pool, only 9 identify as bisexual—and only one bi woman has actually been set up on a date.

So how many local Date Lab daters discriminate based on skin color? Plenty! A brief history:

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Sexist Comments of the Week: Milk Enema Edition

Last week, pornographer John "Buttman" Stagliano was tried on obscenity charges in D.C.—but the government fucked up its case so bad that the trial was dismissed before 14 Washingtonian jurors got the chance to weigh in on Stagliano's work. Sexist readers, for one, aren't too fond of the government prosecuting their milk enemas and squirting:

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MOCA DC to Hide Nudes, Remain In Georgetown

In June, MOCA DC—the District's most nude-friendly art gallery—was informed it must vacate its Georgetown location after an incident involving nipple pasties. But last week, MOCA DC renegotiated its lease in its Canal Square digs—under the condition that it cover up. "Under terms discussed with RB Properties last Thursday MOCA DC will be staying put for the foreseeable future," gallery owner David Quammen wrote in a statement. There is, of course, a price: "In exchange for a lease in my name and a few improvements that they will make, I will not display nude figurative art in the lobby, make some renovations—which I had in mind anyway—and ensure that events will be contained in the rear portion of the gallery."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

The Morning After: Porn Signature Edition

* In her final dispatch on the Buttman trial, porn director and performer Aurora Snow claims that LAPD Det. Michael Ozaki, a witness for the prosecution, is a fan:

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The Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts: Buttman Edition

This week on the Sexist, it was all about Buttman (with one exception). Get your full history of the now-dismissed Buttman trial here: Plus, common reasons not to support Roman Polanski, still!

1. Opening Arguments in the U.S. Vs. John "Buttman" Stagliano

2. Buttman Trial: Courthouse Porn Shows Enemas, Racial Epithets

3. Buttman Trial: Couthouse Porn Viewing Turns to Squirting

4. Common Roman Polanski Defenses, Refuted

5. Buttman Trial: Should Porn Star Testify Under Her Real Name?

Buttman Trial: Dismissed!

After a series of fuck-ups by the United States Government, the obscenity trial against John "Buttman" Stagliano in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has been dismissed. Around 4:30 p.m. this afternoon, Judge Richard Leon decided that the prosecution's case against Stagliano—and two related corporations, John Stagliano Inc. and Evil Angel Productions, Inc.—was "woefully lacking." After the prosecution rested its case, defense attorneys requested that Leon dismiss all counts without seeing any further evidence, and he agreed. He dismissed the jury and thanked them for going through what he considered to be "extraordinary lengths" for the court.

On hand to celebrate the victory: Stagliano's wife, Karen Stagliano, pregnant with a boy; Storm Squirters 2: Target Practice director Joey Silvera; Milk Nymphos performer Lorelei Lee, who just escaped being forced to reveal her real name on the witness stand; documentary filmmaker Simone Grudzen, currently filming a documentary on Lee; and porn performer and director Aurora Snow, covering the trial for AVN.

"They were sloppy," Stagliano told reporters outside the court. "They were doing it for the wrong reasons . . . there wasn't any passion to prosecute it."

Sexist Beatdown: Rape or Art? Edition

Roman Polanski is free again: A victory for art, intellectualism, European sexual mores, and French dudes with a column on HuffPo, no? Um, no—all attempts to hide a convicted rapist who fled sentencing under a pile of shiny Oscar statuettes will not fool Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown and I! For, as Sady explains in this excellent piece for the Atlantic, Polanski ain't the only predator to hide behind the veil of "art":

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Buttman Trial: Who Brought Milk Enemas to D.C.?

Wondering how butt enemas and female ejaculation came to be the subject of the first obscenity case to hit D.C. in decades? Credit Los Angeles Police Department Det. Michael Ozaki, who testified yesterday as a witness for the government—and may be responsible for bringing the works of John "Buttman" Stagliano to the attention of the FBI.

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