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‘I have both a poon and a peener. Big f*cking deal.’

According to Bossip, Lady GaGa (might) have a little penis and (supposedly) isn't ashamed! If true, Good for her! According to the site, Lady GaGa "allegedly" said this in response to allegations that she's intersexed:
It’s not something that I’m ashamed of, just isn’t something that I go around telling everyone. Yes. I have both male [...]

More To Love: Sending the Wrong Message?

FOX aired its premier episode of More to Love last week, which one of my friends jokingly called The Fatchelor due to its blatant format-copying of The Bachelor.
The show's premise: Take a well-off big guy (330 pounds) and have him date 20 big gals (ranging from just under 200 pounds to just under 300), narrow [...]

Note From the Laziest Interim Sexist Editor EVER

Hey y'all: Mondays and Tuesdays are production days/nights for WCP, which means I'm loaded down with crazy shit.
Wednesday (tomorrow!)-Friday will feature more sex than you can handle (including an interview with my grandmother about getting it on in the nursing home).
In other words, if you leave now, you'll miss dessert. And it's blueberry pie a [...]

Ghostface Killah “On Wife-ing Hoes”


In the backwaters of Central Florida, they call this "making a woman honest." Or maybe it's "making an honest woman." Either way, Ghostface Killah is upsetting lots of people with this hip-hop interpretation of relationships, titled How To Be A Huge Dick.
What say y'all?
(Via the Awl)

Could Tig Notaro Play Amy Ray In Non-Existent Comedic Biopic?

I say yes.
They're both southern: Comedian Tig Notaro was born in Mississippi. Indigo Girl Amy Ray was born in Georgia.
They do their hair the same way: It almost looks feathered, could just be cowlicks gone wild. Tig's hair is shorter, but it's nothing a few extensions and some mousse couldn't take care of.
Lesbianism: Ray is [...]

Porno for Gearheads

The young man behind the counter at Rollin Bikes looks happy to see a potential customer until I open my mouth and ask him about the movies. That's when he sets down the part he's examining and places his hands flat on the counter.
"Movies," he parrots back to me without inflection.
I look from him to [...]