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Photos: Close Of Business Time

Kerri Dennis, 20, and her boyfriend Blake Denham, 24, sit at a table inside the Greyhound bus station. A mess of carry-out food between them, Blake rests his head on the table, and tries to fall asleep. It was just after 1 p.m. and the station is dead. In three-and-a-half hours, the couple would be [...]

Dick Sucking Economics 101 @ 6th and K Streets NW

Diane wants one more blowjob before she goes home. She had set a goal of making $100 for the night. She'd made $50 from one customer an hour earlier. She just needs one more dude to roll up and take an interest in her sales pitch.
Diane never fucks for money. She only sucks dick. If [...]

White Girls Like ‘E Pills’ In Their Butts

At the moment, Diane isn't working alone. She has grown a sidekick. He leans against her white Mercedes SUV,  mumbling shit in her ear about another sex worker he calls "Blondie." Blondie just appeared on the block, too. It must be fate.
Is she all woman? He wants to know.
Diane assures him. Blondie is all woman.
He [...]

Bragging Rights: Meet The Woman Who Invented Prostitution

Onya, 23, is trying to divulge the great secrets of her trade. "Most of the time, I'm down on L around 14th–that's the real female stroll," she explains, leaning against her old Chrysler convertible at 6th and K Streets NW. She'd continue with her lesson. But there's Diane.
Diane,25, is hovering in the background, laughing too [...]