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Should Drag Queens Pay to Race Down 17th Street?

FOX5 investigates why some D.C. special events—including D.C.'s traditional Halloween drag event, the Dupont "High Heel" race—aren't forced to pay the city fees for the D.C. police officers employed as security for the parades. Kristopher Baumann, Chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police's Labor Committee, suggests that the city money used to subsidize the parties might be better spent, like, address the murder rate. [Via Metro Weekly]

  • Rick Mangus

    Everyone who holds an event should pay, we are cutting back on vital city services and programs and are currently running a budget deficit. The comments by Jim Graham, (The Queen of All Media) that, "These are very low cost events, very low budget, it's very very hard for them to generate the fees", well why should the tax payers of this city pay for these events! This is political whoring for votes, period!

    As far as the high heel race it's set-up by 'JR's' bar I sure they have the money to pay for the fee!

  • TJ

    I agree with you Rick. Everyone should be required to pay the fee.

    I think this is a simple problem to solve.

  • Charlie

    There is a rationale for this type of thing. For instance, we build and operate a convention center at a loss because of the return the city gets on the visitors that are brought to the city. I am not a marathoner but I image some of the 12,000 runners came from out of town and enriched the DC economy. You would have to crunch the numbers to find out if this is a good investment.

    I hate this kind of TV reporting because I can imagine a smarmy TV reporter next year complaining that the city is making events that were previously subsidized now pay and how that hurts the events.

  • TJ

    @Charlie, for your last comment, that is why you make everyone pay instead of picking and choosing which ones get subsidized and which ones don't. With regard to your examples of the convention center and many of the marathons, I understand that they actively bring in a fair amount of tourist dollars. But I still think that, in an effort to make things fair and make something like this less controversial (I really don't think this should be controversial at all), everyone should follow the same rules.

  • Bill

    It doesn't surprise me that the Corrupt Queen of the DC Council, wants Washington taxpayers to subsidize a drag queen parade. This is the same council "member" who, a few years ago, tried to provide tax subsidies and zoning relief, for what were called "adult erotic clubs" displaced by the new baseball stadium. Queen Graham's gotta' go.