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The Morning After: Gay Ex Edition

* HUD claims that transgender people are protected against housing discrimination via the Fair Housing Act's prohibition against "gender discrimination"—even though the law doesn't specifically list gender identity discrimination as prohibited.

* Mark Gower, a 26-year-old dancer at SW strip club Secrets, was found dead in his apartment last week.

* The Washington Post conducted a four-month investigation into the career of former Manassas schoolteacher Kevin Ricks, a man the paper says "moved from one teaching job to the next over nearly 30 years, navigating the nation's public and private school systems undetected, evading traps designed to catch him"—and racking up molestation allegations along the way.

* Carolyn Hax on the etiquette of outing your gay ex-husband.

* DC Center plans discussion on body image issues among gay, bisexual, and trans men.

* Susannah Breslin on sexual assault games:

To promote the release of Bret Easton Ellis' new novel, Imperial Bedrooms, a digital creative agency in London created an online game that encourages players to virtually manipulate a young woman. If you play the game right — encourage her, get her drunk, get her high — you'll score a blow job, and then you can brag to your friends about a job well done by posting your "high" score to the social networking site of your choice. So, is this social commentary, or marketing misogyny?

  • kza

    Maybe that ex will become ex-gay and they can remarry.

  • Garland Grey

    Maybe my filthy limerick career will take off and I can pay someone else to make snarky comments on blog posts.

    There is not such thing as an ex-gay. But there are people whose talent for self-deception causes them to wear gold scarves and rave about all the hypothetical women they want to make missionary with.

    That's the standard position, right? The one that always makes me think of nuns?

  • scary joann

    Idunno, I think that there's a possibility that they are in fact "ex gay" or at least some. Sexuality is fluid and shifty, people get divorced after years of happy hetero and suddenly discover an interest in their own sex, people come out when their grandparents, ect.
    Yes, the ex gay and the movements and behavior surrounding it bugs the crap out of me. But I won't disregard them all as "oh, you're faking your sexuality now because you changed."
    I will regard them as absolute dicks and jackasses who are hurting both the homosexual community, and whatever women must now date them.

  • scary joann

    Also, that game sounds horrible. The entire approach the gaming community and industry takes towards women is a source of constant disappointment to me.

  • Courtney S.

    The last link seems to be broken, and when I go to the main site, I can't find the post?

  • Ken

    JoAnn, I agree with you. Gays and lesbians celebrate when people who identifed formerly straight "discover" their sexuality and go gay yet when someone who is gay goes straight we cringe and say it cant be so -- people are "born" gay they shout!! I dont buy it. Count me as someone who believes all humans are bisexual to varying extents.

  • Robert


    I think Kinsey would have agreed with you.