The Sexist

The Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts: Oh God It’s The Weekend Edition

Last week on the Sexist:

1. Buttman v. The Man, in which milk enemas manage to disgust, but fail to offend, D.C. jurors.

2. A Brief History of Date Lab Racism, in which I was hoping to be hooked up with someone less racist, but he's cute so I'll keep an open mind.

3. But Was She Wearing High Heels?, in which victim-blaming hits the courtroom.

4. Anti-Porn Scholar: Watching Porn Gets Women Raped, in which zany theories are aired.

5. The Morning After: Post-Racial Deodorant Edition, in which Old Spice heals our racial sexiness divide.

  • chris

    Damn, that 'was she wearing high heels' article must have a fuckload of pageviews, I've seen it in the popular blog posts segment like three times.