The Sexist

PFOX Ex-Gay In Search of Breathing Female


When NOM's mandatory heterosexuality tour stopped by Newark on Tuesday, Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) leader Greg Quinlan was on-hand to present the ex-gay position on heterosexual marriage: Desperate! "If you know of anybody, send them my way," said Quinlan, who is totally straight now (and divorced). "I live right here in Roxbury Township, up in North Jersey. I’ll give you my name and number afterwords, if you know of anybody who’s available." He then offered his criteria for a potential mate: "Female. And breathing." Go get him, ladies!

  • Jess

    "Female. And breathing. And I'm flexible on the female part. I MEAN THE BREATHING PART! I MEAN...!"

  • Blooming Psycho

    He went from gay to closeted by becoming a member of PFOX. And I betcha he's got a real nice all-male erotica collection in his closet.

  • kza

    He doesn't sound like he's trying to act straight at all. Keep makin' Jersey proud!

  • Rick Mangus

    It's like when the circus comes to town! This guy probably cruises highway rest stops and public restrooms to this day!

  • http://twitter/scaryjoann scary joann

    I really pity anyone who gets set up with this guy. I can just see some guy who "knows the perfect girl!" and that perfect woman then has to sit through the worst blind date of her life.

  • Shelley

    He's right--gay IS a choice. He chose to take a detour off the Hershey Highway, and what is wrong with that??? He wants his plumbing to fit as nature intended it to. C'mon folks, "open-mindedness" should work BOTH ways!