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NOM Presents Lesbian Jealousy Defense


This snappy two-minute video recap of NOM's bus tour stop in Maryland reveals a clever new twist on the hetero marriage defense: "We're asked to believe that a mother, a biological mother, will have no problem sharing the care of her child with another woman!" one speaker announces at the rally. "Moms, do you believe that?" (They do not!) Sure, NOM can understand two women loving each other and wanting to spend their lives together. But once it's time for the couple to share in the child-rearing, the biological mother's jealousy will ultimately destroy them both—along with every American family? That's just science.

  • annajcook

    Because every woman out there is just DYING to be a single mom!

    Oh, wait. They're against that either.

    I'm so confused!!

  • http://twitter/scaryjoann scary joann

    Yeah.... that's a pretty mixed message.

  • jules

    the NOM people apparently missed "The Kids are Alright"

  • TJ

    Wow. So wait... all those families with two mommies ALL have one partner who is jealous of the biological mother? Really? What about the two women who adopt? Who's jealous of whom in that situation?

    With rationale like this, one wonders why liberals are outnumbered by these oh so logical folks...

  • Dad


    NOM is ridiculous; we all know that.

    Now I have to ask: no posts on the rape conviction in Israel of the Arab who had sex with the Jewish woman under false pretenses?

    Lots of recent posts about Buttman. And I'm sure there are a lot of things you could post about that don't "make the cut", as it were . . .

    But honestly, how could you have missed one of the most unusual, controversial, and problematic international rape-related stories in recent memory?

  • Amanda Hess

    @Dad (eww, by the way):

    I've been making an effort to keep the blog more local as of late. This is about a rally in Maryland, where the fight over same-sex marriage will certainly affect those in the D.C. suburbs, including people who have already been wed in D.C.; Buttman trial was held in D.C. with local jurors, and I attended the trial. I do sometimes write on national issues, it's true, but Israel is pretty far afield, so I've left it to other commentators.



  • Adrienne

    Not including passersby, there never seem to be more than 8 or 9 people in the crowd in any given shot. I can't help but think that the whole anti-same-sex marriage movement has to burn out any day now. It just doesn't seem like a viable long-term cause to rally around.

    I thought this part was funny: "If you redefine the family, you're going to have to redefine who gets to parent, what parenting looks like," because my reaction is "Yeah... so let's redefine the family, right?" Makes sense to me.

  • Tab

    So I suppose in NOM-world, no woman has ever hired a female nanny. Or had her sister or mother or female friends help out with childcare. In NOM-world, all women are constantly at odds with each other, and children must never leave their mother's arms from birth to eighteen, lest they be ripped apart by a descending swarm of harpies.

    NOM-world is a gloomy place.

  • Dad


    Fair enough.

    PS - I am NOT your father. Just FYI . . .

  • LeftSidePositive

    @Dad (& Amanda):

    Too bad! I was hoping for some type of "Empire Strikes Back" revelation...