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NOM Demands to Vote on Gay Marriage in Maryland

As promised, the NOM mandatory heterosexuality tour hit Annapolis today at noon. There, NOM leader Brian Brown demanded that Maryland voters have a chance to vote on same-sex marriage. Brown lives in Virginia. Derek McCoy of the Association of Maryland Families was on-hand to lend local support of the idea:

We will fight for marriage in this State until the end!… Our definition [of marriage] is not passe, is not outdated, is not stale; it’s the definition we’ve already had in a state statute, that we’ve all known for years . . . Let’s take this issue to the ballot box. Let the people decide! Let the people vote!

Maryland will truly never be free until its citizens have the right to restrict the rights of other citizens.

Also of concern: Anti-gay doctor lifts nickname from Julius Erving!

  • MarkD

    Go home NOM. You're not welcome in my state.

  • Nate Barton

    NOM represents FAKE FAMILIES.

    Every photo on the exterior of the NOM mobile comes from iStockPhoto. That's right. The paid photos are of FAKE families.

    Looks like Brian Brown is just a sham artist, preaching hatred, spewing out lies.

  • kza

    There needs to be a gay group protesting this bus and they need to be lead by a Dr. Gay.

  • Charlie

    It should be noted the Maryland NOM stop was the greatest FAIL to date.

  • FlexSF

    NOM, and their 12 supporters?

  • Tom

    Yeah right! While California's Proposition 8 wended its way through the legislature, Cali's gay guys were too busy drinking and smoking and dancing to bother themselves with such tawdry affairs. But once it passed? OOOOHH!! Call out the troops! We've been wronged!

    It is much, much, MUCH more expensive, time consuming, and risky to wipe a law off the books than it is to stamp it out in committee before it ever sees the light of day. But such proposals rarely garner attention at such early stages.

    Don't worry, there will be no substantial opposition to the Brown bus until it is much too late. Then you can rouse the rabble to oppose it.

  • scary joann

    Huh. All the evangelicals said that it was the GAYS that had the agenda and conspiracy to make everyone think like them. I guess they got it backwards.

  • Joe Mustich, JP

    LOL...Please find another issue and stop being anti-marriage.

    Onward to full civil and marriage equality rights in 21st century America.

    Joe Mustich & Ken Cornet, Justices of the Peace,
    Washington, Connecticut, USA.

    And kudos to CT for being a marriage equality state, unlike the flat earth states of MD, NY, and CA.

  • Tom

    To the moderator: Wow! You're not the teeniest bit biased, are you?

  • Luke

    I think people are getting tired of them and cannot really take them seriously. They are turning more into a fringe group especially under their current leasdership who speaks in tongues and is delusional, Just look at his twitter postings. Unfortunately they will be around as long as there are people willing to take their money. Also I think people are seeing that ssm is happening in other courtries and it is not the end of the world and life goes on.

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