The Sexist

The Morning After: Post-Racial Deodorant Edition


* The Daily Beast's Tricia Romano declares Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa a "post-racial commercial genius." Commercial genius? Yes, ladies. Post-racial? Not so much, says Georgetown Girl.

* Liz at THE LINE writes about the problematic social imbalance between fraternities and sororities:

The social structure that we lock into as a sorority is, for lack of a better word, stupid. Here’s how it works: sororities are dry and fraternities are not. This means there is absolutely NO alcohol allowed in the sorority houses. If the fraternities host all the parties, decide who gets to come, and provide all the alcohol, who holds all the power? Frat parties can be fun –my friends and I are even known to take our costumes to the next level. But there is a problem with the structure because it promotes an unbalanced social scene.

* Help Holla Back DC! re-brand itself.

* Milk Nymphos star Lorelei Lee talks to Broadsheet about the importance of keeping her real name private:

While most of the fan mail that I receive is positive, I've also received a number of e-mails that have been pretty frightening. For my own safety, my professional name is the one that I use in every public context. There was never a need for my legal name to be revealed in open court. The prosecutor's claim that using my professional name would give me an "air of legitimacy" was incredibly insulting.

  • ellepp

    Off topic:
    I'm new to learning about feminism/labeling myself as a feminist, and I've been reading this blog for a few months. I wondered what your take would be on this gem.

    "Old English (or Olde English, if you prefer) had both feminine and masculine nouns, accent marks, and complex verb conjugations. What happened to all of these intricacies? The Vikings. These horn-hat-wearing folk raped and pillaged their way not only through mainland Britain, but also through the English language.
    It was one of those rare rapes with positive outcomes."

  • Molly Ren

    While I respect Lorelei Lee's decision not to use her real name, I am confused by the reasoning behind it. I know of bloggers who have been outed though having much less information on themselves out on the internet, and she (obviously) has enough photos of herself out on the 'net that anyone who knows her under her real name could make the connection. As a porn performer, she obviously can't go for total anonymity (like Belle du Jour did until she got tired of not being able to go to her own book launch parties), but I wonder how much her precautions would really help against a determined Googler.