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NOM Mandatory Heterosexuality Tour Hits Maryland

Tomorrow at noon, the NOM mandatory heterosexuality bus tour will hit Annapolis. The big anti-gay bus will pull up in front of the Maryland State House, where it will be joined star local anti-gay talent: The Bishop Harry Jackson, described by NOM as a "leader in the effort to take back marriage in Washington DC." Also on-hand at the rally will be Association of Maryland Families president Derek McCoy, an outspoken opponent of marriage, abortion, and gambling. Bring your lunch!

  • Joel

    If you don't wanna have gay sex, don't; if you don't wanna be gay married, don't. Just leave the rest of us alone!

  • SeanH

    One man, one woman? What do they need such a big bus for?

  • Charlie

    Derek McCoy is employed by Hope Christian Church. So Harry Jackson is his boss. I just thought I would point that out.

    Equality Maryland is not sponsoring a direct counter demonstration. Instead they are sponsoring 7 actions around the state. Part of the reasoning for this might be that NOM has a tendency to play up how they are victimized by the gay community. They are probably staying away to deny NOM this oppurtunity, and also to achieve something positive rather than just yelling back at them.

    "Never argue with a crazy person. People might not know the difference."

  • euphoric femme

    i wasn’t sure if this was real when i saw it. if it is… if you’ve got “hetero” love wonderful, for you. you are blessed! but don’t be fooled because love is for everyone! you might think this is about sex right? if you do, believe me, all sex involves love! – some sex (no matter your gender) immerses itself in more love than others, but there is always love to different degrees. the best part is that once we realize love is at the core, we can evolve and express love through various forms … this includes through our bodies, such as having sex. if you believe in spirit, then you would know the spirit does not have gender … i.e. “God” does not care about gender, for the spirit is our most refined essence. the most important thing is that we learn to love ourselves first! … this will make us humble and be able to love everyone just as they are … unconditionally. let everyone love! posted by

  • Ben

    People should give more consideration to acronyms when naming their organizations. "NOM" just makes me think of that "nom nom nom" noise that people make to describe tasty food, and makes it impossible for me to take them seriously (not the only reason).

    Similarly, whenever I see a DC Department of Health poster, I can only think of "Doh!"

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