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Whitman-Walker Clinic Ads Recruit LGBT, HIV-Positive Patients


GLAA Forum points to the Whitman-Walker Clinic's new TV spots. The twin ads target the health clinic's two main demographics separately—LGBT patients (in the above ad) and HIV-positive patients (in the ad after the jump). I wonder if reaching out to D.C.'s HIV-positive residents requires distancing Whitman-Walker's AIDS care piece from its LGBT health piece. And the soundtrack's a little ominous, no?


  • Chip Lewis

    Hi, Amanda. Thanks for posting our ads! We're glad to see them get more exposure.

    To answer your question, there is a reason why we did two ads. Many people in the community think that we ONLY do HIV/AIDS care. We wanted to inform the LGBT community that there is a wide variety of health care services here for them if they don't have HIV, including primary medical care, mental health care, dental care and legal help. That's the only reason for the split.

    As to the soundtrack...well, our first choice, "Bad Romance," was too expensive, so we had to go with what we could! :)

    Thanks again!
    Chip Lewis
    Deputy Director of Communications
    Whitman-Walker Clinic