The Sexist

The Morning After: Victim-Blame TV Edition

* Nancy Schwartzman talks about having her rape debated on camera for a potential new "feminist" series:

I was told that the 30 second trailer of my film would be used to “kick off” the conversation and we’d go around one by one, with some guidance from the moderator, and discuss the multidimensional and complicated topic of rape. We’d use smart, snarky analysis of a real—not imagined, not whined about, not exaggerated, not falsely claimed—problem.

Instead, egged on by the producer, participants—not the moderators—were encouraged to take what they saw in the trailer and the one sentence synopsis of my rape (she consented to vaginal sex, and then was raped anally) and debate. It didn’t occur to me that a producer would structure a conversation around my film when no one had seen it, nor was it ever articulated that my body parts and my rape would be at the center of this debate.

* Want more on Olivia Munn and What She All Means? Sady's got it.

* BuzzFeed unearths Rachel Maddow's yearbook photo, where she appears with long blond hair, pearls, and no glasses. Maddow can now rest easy knowing that some dude on the Internet would "tap that!"

* D.C. attorney Bruce Stovell is suing LeBron James and James' mother Gloria "seeking to prove that he is the father" of the NBA player. Stovell claims he impregnated Gloria at a D.C. bar in 1984, then urged her to ensure that the fetus "plays basketball." He's also looking for $4 million in damages.

* New vaginal gel may help combat HIV.

  • Molly Ren

    "then urged her to ensure that the fetus 'plays basketball.'”

    Now there's a mental image to start the day with!

  • K

    "Damages" for being a deadbeat dad whose son made it big completely without his help or support? I am confused (enraged).

  • kza

    I wish I had done that with Bill Gate's mom.

  • stormy

    The article on the HIV-prevention gel has an awful hidden bombshell in it. "The optimal empowerment is something that the male partner has absolutely no idea is going on," says some kind of expert. Now, I understand that men do refuse to wear condoms, and it makes it hard for women to protect themselves. And in that context, this gel that might help them be a little safer is better than nothing, but there is absolutely nothing optimal about this. Optimal is both partners being responsible and respectful of each others wishes. Optimal is when a woman asks a man to wear a condom and he puts it on. This is just the lesser of two evils.