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Vince Gray on Abstinence in Sex Ed

In the second part of its HIV/AIDS interview with D.C. Mayoral candidate Vince Gray, The Examiner quizzed Gray on needle-exchange programs, sex education in schools, and funding for fighting the epidemic. On the schools front, Candace Montague asks if the candidate will support "a culturally sensitive, age appropriate sex education program that includes discussions about abstinence, safer sex and LGBT issues." He responds: "Yes. There’s a lot of controversy around abstinence though. And some people believe in abstinence only programs. I’m not a fan of that to tell you the truth. To think refraining from sex is a way to prevent this [disease] is not feasible. I support an enlightened curriculum."

  • kza

    Not having sex with people with diseases is a good way to prevent disease.

  • Dave P.

    Agree kza. Usually an enlightened curriculum includes logic.

  • Rick Mangus

    What is this "Culturally Sensitive" kind of doublespeak bullshit is this Candace Montague spurring! Unprotected sex is unprotected sex for Christ sake, people are getting AIDS and other STD'S in this town in record numbers and she wants to be a fucking sociologist on this issue!