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The Morning After: Grainy Masturbation Photo Edition

* In the City Paper this week, Kim Chi Ha writes about the regulatory spotlight on Ziegfeld's/Secrets, the lone SW gay club to survive the construction of Nationals Park. Post-baseball, the D.C. government has kept a close eye on the strip joint:

The club’s regulatory troubles were exacerbated by an ABRA investigation in December, in which two investigators “observed five to six nude male performers, standing on individual pedestals, each performing a sexual act on themselves (masturbation),” in apparent violation of D.C. Code, according to an agency report, which includes a grainy photo of one performer touching himself. Patrons were also observed “rubbing and massaging the performers about the body (not the genital area) and the performers did the same to the patrons,” the report notes.

* In Maryland, Dana Beyer is running for office in the hopes of becoming the "first out transgender person to win election to a state legislature."

* Dear Prudence tackles sperm donation etiquette.

* Carmen Rios offers up "a big fuck you" to street harassers. That happens to be the phrase that I generally employ when harassed on the street. Similarly satisfying possible responses welcomed in the comments.

* Figleaf rejects the idea that"sufficient" progress has been made toward gender equality: "I happen to believe, correctly, that there’s been incredible progress, sure. But sufficient? . . . Just as something’s either legal or it’s not, you’re either equal or your not. And I think 'sufficiently' in this case means 'closer to my comfort level” rather than 'closer to equal.'”

* Sexist internal business: On Twitter, I now answer to @amandahess. "@" me!

Photo via Powerhouse Museum Collection.

  • Coleman

    Those are some cute birds.

  • Theresa

    ♫♬♪ Kookaburra sits on the old gum treeeeeeeeee ♫♬♪

  • figleaf

    Thanks for the the link, Amanda. Also, good call on the switch from your column title to your name on Twitter.


  • Trevor

    I think this is a form of art and the performers should be complimented and encouraged. I would like to see this more. But the male form is just not yet socially acceptable and so can't see it as art. Male parts can't be celebrated like female parts in our anal, uptight society still run by people who serve their own interests well but prevent others from pursuing theirs. There is nothing as natural and celebrating life as the essence of life itself expressed through gentle stroking and ejaculation on display. The audience enjoyed and the performers enjoyed, everyone got the message- what's the problem.