The Sexist Airs Student Failures In Sex, Humanity

Three Georgetown students (and another from NYU) have launched, a website for anonymously airing your greatest sex fails. “After a traumatizing hookup experience, [we] looked for a place to post the story online and realized that no such website existed," a site creator (they won't reveal their names) told Chris Heller at Vox Populi. Of course, some of the entries are horrifying for all the wrong reasons—like this one, in which our anonymous contributor complains about hooking up with an "older black woman" whose breasts he describes as "straight-up National Geographic shit." The hook-up takes a turn for the worse when she expects him to help her orgasm, and employs a vibrator in this pursuit. Also? This "older black woman" is 27 years old.

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  • kza

    They stole this idea from Drew Magary and made it offensive.

  • Lizrd

    "Oh my god, I hooked up with a chick that like... wanted me to give her an orgasm and didn't focus 100% of her attention on my weiner! Worst hook up ever!!!"

  • groggette

    Totally Lizrd.

    I've whipped out the toys myself, and with a few exceptions, it's always been on request. This dude obviously sucks at the sex and isn't interested in getting better.

  • AGB

    I stopped by the site and read that story and a few others, and it was overall pretty horrible. College dudes whining because a girl had pubic hair, or periods, or looked like normal people. Or this one, where this woman clearly knew what she wanted in bed and he wasn't interested in anything but getting himself off.

  • squirrely girl

    as a person who teaches human sexuality, this makes me a little sad.

  • BJN

    This is really sad. I was at least expecting hateful and hugely douchey, but the transparency of teenage confusion, desire for acceptance, and kneejerk cruelty to others that even the authors don't believe is just really.....sad. I love textsfromlastnight, and I couldn't even take this.

  • jdac

    I don't get guys being so focused on their own orgasm when they're with someone else. I can have one in the shower, thanks, or any old time, to be honest.

    If I'm in bed with someone I'm there to be with *them*. And my partner's orgasm is something I can't experience on demand, something I feel a little privileged to be there for. Getting to share that with them is special, and if toys make that experience better for them, that's better for me too.

    Actually, I find own orgasm kind of annoying sometimes. It's distracting. But I gather that I'm not the type who wants a for his sex life.

  • Flutterby

    And this is why I only have friends with benefits who are actually my friends: hooking up with near-strangers, in my experience, often results in them being pissed because of a weird tan line or pubic hair or -much to my incredulity- because I have small tits. It's not like I wear padded bras! I don't even wear a bra most of the time! Did they expect them to inflate?!

    *breathe in, breathe out* Sorry 'bout that, but dudes who expect normal people to look and fuck like porn stars make hooking up much less fun than it can be.

  • allie

    "As we stumbled into the room, making out, I took her shirt and bra off. Her boobs were pretty ordinary looking, but seriously who was I to complain?"

    Yes, because I'm sure that he was quite spectacular looking.

  • kza

    No complaints about the girl strapping the guy down eh?

  • Amanda Hess

    @kza what do you mean? that one was also terrible, like many of them.

  • jules

    that website gave me a major case of the icks...

  • Nick

    Come on , this is clearly a joke. The site is anonymous and not meant to publicly embarrass anyone, just a place to laugh about stupid college hook ups. More than a little crass, sure. Malicious? No. Learn to take a joke...

  • jules

    Yeah, the story about how this young woman pounded shots, made out with a guy, blacked out, remembered almost nothing, and then discovered she had sex with him IS OMFG SO FUNNNNNNNY!!!!

    yeah, no.

  • Amanda Hess

    @jules Ugh. I imagine this site will soon be full of hilarious "jokes" like that one.

  • Nick

    college kids do this stuff, like it or not. She obviously wrote the story and submitted it. While I'm not endorsing drunken debauchery, this site is no different than TFLN or FML which other commenters have praised.

  • emily

    am i the only one who isn't amused by how malicious and insulting we have become to our sexual partners? or better yet, am i the only one who isn't amused by how we are exploiting that factor? so i'm expected to laugh when a guy is horrified by pubic hair, or menstruation, or a "normal" pair or breasts (as in, not augmented)? and in the interest of being fair, i also don't think it's funny to make fun of a guy for his penis size either. it's almost enough to make a girl want to never have sex again.

  • Em

    Emily: no, you are not the only one. It's not amusing to me either--it seems like our sex culture has been inundated with body snark, which is amazing to me. So it's "cool" to make fun of your partners' bodies because they don't come photoshopped. It's not funny to me, it's harmful...and it makes it more acceptable to express racist or sexist attitudes (or both, in the case of Amanda's example).

    I don't know. To me, sex-positive means respect, not dousing ourselves and our partners in shame and humilitation just because they don't go in for a porn star level wax every five weeks.

  • ed

    1. These stories are submitted by participants and quite a few of them are embarrassing to the authors.
    2. Aside from a few examples, there is very little bashing of body image. The older woman story, halloween story, and the spring break story aside, these have very little to do with criticizing anyone's physical appearance. Furthermore, even those stories focus on the actual events that occurred rather than harping on any individual.
    3. Folly happens during sex and if I don't think we should be too prude to laugh about it

  • Amanda Hess

    Hey "ed," say hi to "Nick" for us.

  • Lizrd

    Its sites like this that make me glad I was in a long term relationship through out college when this shit seems to be at its worst. I was unaware that I needed to look like a super model to be allowed to have sex without being ashamed of myself.

  • …done

    In case it isn't clear guys, this impotent child can't fuck worth a damn.

  • Ian

    If you guys keep crying and typing furiously about this, maybe you'll lose some weight and be able to take a joke.

  • emily

    it's not just the physical appearance thing that gets to me. yeah, okay, folly does happen during sex, which can be funny, but i'd hope that the partner i was sleeping with would be able to let it roll off his back and laugh about it with me. the complete and utter disgust displayed towards the partner in these stories, to the point of never speaking to them again and making them the butt of jokes, isn't really funny to me, it's just childish and sad.

  • Amanda

    As a humor site, I think it succeeds. I agree, it's crude and offensive, but as someone who actually went to college, I recognize that these situations occur for both men and women. Part of learning the value in committed relationships is seeing the pointlessness of random "hookups." This site gave me a laugh at all the stupid decisions kids make en route to becoming adults.

  • Jennifer

    My reaction was mostly "good for her!" The guy is clearly a clueless, selfish loser (maybe I'm just really jaded, but I am not surprised at this), but she's assertive about asking for what she wants.

  • mary

    im having so much fun posting mean call out comments to all the stories by the racist sexist assholes on this site!