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Chris Brown Cries for Michael Jackson, Domestic Violence, Pelicans

MTV Shows
Since assaulting girlfriend Rihanna in February of 2009, Chris Brown has repeatedly tried, and failed, to convince the public that he is sorry. On Aug. 31, 2009, Brown told Larry King: "When I look at it now, it's just like, wow, like, I can't believe that that actually happened." On Nov. 16, he [...]

Beauty Pageants Meet LGBT Activism

I've never been a big fan of one way beauty pageants choose to award scholarship money to young women (Swimsuits! Why did it have to be swimsuits!). But pageant contestants using the competition to campaign for LGBT rights and gender-based activism? I'll take that!

The Anti-Porn Position, From Child Porn’s Slippery Slope To Frighteningly Thorough Bestiality

You've heard from the pro-kink side. Now, in the anti-porn corner: Here's what national anti-smut activists educated the public about on a recent trip to Washington, covering everything from porn addicts who can't make job interviews because they're too busy "surfing" porn to bestiality sites featuring "any animal on Noah’s ark":

Kink In D.C., From Oral Herpes Orgy Etiquette to Erotic Harry Potter Fan-Fic

Last week, I wrote about the second KinkForAll unconference to bring ad-hoc alternate-sexuality education to the D.C. area. Below, some video evidence of kink educators from around the country talking everything from oral herpes at orgies to erotic Harry Poter fan-fic. (I'll post videos of that story's anti-porn conference later today).

Sexist Comments of the Week: Traditional Capitalization Edition

By oh boy, so many wonderful comments this week, however is a girl to choose?
There's this one, submitted intimately via e-mail: "Does your Mother know you're writing for the dumbass shitty paper?" (Hi, mom!). And then there's this vital piece of comments-section copy-editing: "it’s Rick Mangus not Rick Magnus!" And who could forget "Laura, Don’t [...]

The Morning After: Sex Worker Pilates Edition

* Some Thomas Circle neighbors are unnerved by sex workers walking near their Pilates studio. Why I never!

The Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts: Anti-Porn Edition

Last week on the Sexist, CHOMP!
1. Examiner Called on Sexual Assault Coverage, in which Tweets are twittered.
2. Talking Sex, With Kink Educators And Anti-Porn Activists, in which anti-porn people talk dirty.
3. The Morning After: Eyes on Road, Hand on Crotch Edition, in which drivers multitask.
4. The Groper's Path of Least Resistance, in which a gay [...]

Olde-Tyme Misogyny Cartoon Corner

Reader Martin Quinones points us to an online archive of mid-nineteenth-century political cartoons, drawn by dude named John Leech. Head to the "feminism" section for some insight into how women's lib has been screwing up absolutely everything in polite society from as far back as 1841, particularly the lower half of women's bodies—dude hated bloomers.

Sexist Beatdown: Screwed Into This Chat Edition

In this edition of Sexist Beatdown, politely open a Bud Light Lime with your teeth. Then, join Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown and I as we discuss the man that is Stanley McChrystal, the machismo that would be his downfall, and his enthusiastic endorsement of an almost suspiciously terrible beer.
BUT FIRST: Wondering how your workplace [...]

What Does It Mean That Al Gore’s Accuser Saved Her Pants?

Of all the excuses offered to doubt the Portland masseuse who has accused Al Gore of sexually assaulting her in 2006, this is the saddest: She kept the pants.