The Sexist

Olde-Tyme Misogyny Cartoon Corner


Reader Martin Quinones points us to an online archive of mid-nineteenth-century political cartoons, drawn by dude named John Leech. Head to the "feminism" section for some insight into how women's lib has been screwing up absolutely everything in polite society from as far back as 1841, particularly the lower half of women's bodies—dude hated bloomers.

  • Panty Buns

    Maybe the attitude of some of todays right wing bloggers who figuratively wag their fingers at Lady Gaga (and Madonna before her) are suffering from a continuation of the same sexist attitudes and fears exemplified in the cartoon above. Maybe they are afraid their manhood wont be able to survive assertive women who strut out in public in their bloomers. Amongst the "manly" men's clubs they are probably terrified of having their misogynist friends call them "pussy whipped".

  • Courtney S.

    Yay Victorian sexism!

  • Saurs

    Leech's towering Bloomer lady looks awful familiar.