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HRC on the “Gold Standard” of Hospital LGBT Policies


Earlier this month, we examined how D.C.-area hospitals fared in the Human Rights Campaign's 2010 Healthcare Equality Index, which rates hospitals on their policy toward LGBT patients (they all failed). Then, we spoke to HRC's Tom Sullivan, who explained the Equality Index's high standards. Now, Sum of Change has produced an in-depth video—including interviews with both Sullivan and Ellen Kahn of the HRC's Family Project—which explains all aspects of the index, why it's important, and why more facilities will be coming into compliance in the future. Let's hope D.C.-area hospitals are listening.

  • Rick Mangus

    Hey!, HRC how about,"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"?, or are you still kissing the President's Ass and fogot about it!

  • Stacey

    As a transwoman, my worst experience has been at WHC. My best experience has been with Sibley. Both lacked consistent policies and procedures for treating and interacting with trans patience. However, the level of personal care and consideration from the medical professionals at Sibley was far superior to that of WHC. The sad thing is WHC is the only hospital in DC with medical staff specifically trained to collect evidence in rape cases. Given my prior experience with WHC, I would be very apprehensive to return to their hospital for treatment.