The Sexist

The Morning After: Eyes on Road, Hand on Crotch Edition

* A new study suggests that 11 percent of male drivers under 30 are masturbating  on the road. No word on the habits of the ladies, who these days are cleared to both drive and touch their own genitalia—but can they do it at the same time? Get science on this.

* Figleaf supports Lindsay Beyerstein's assertion that Palin is a feminist—-the worst feminist, amirite? Of Palin's contribution to the movement, he writes:

Maybe 10-15 years ago Michael Moore had a television series where he did his Bowling for Columbine/Roger and Me schtick in generally nicely-paced 10-15 minute segments. I didn’t see very many episodes (I’m not sure how many episodes there were) but in one of them he managed to get himself invited on a skeet-shooting trip with the wives of a bunch of conservative Republican congressmen. He seemed to get along well enough with them, and they with him, but at one point he made a leading statement like “you know, I didn’t think women could be so handy with a shotgun. You’re better than a lot of men I know.” There was a little general laughter and one or another of the women said something like “women can be better at a lot of things.” He said something like “maybe some of you could run for Congress, you might be really good at that too.” And the women just sort of clammed up and looked at each other like that was a terrible idea. And that seemed like the point where he wore out his welcome.

Fast forward to today and, thanks in surprisingly large part to Sarah Palin, I don’t think Moore would have gotten the same shocked or embarrassed silence were he to try the same stunt now.

* The Curvature's Cara Kulwicki on the efforts of Australian detectives to derail the investigation of a rape case.

* Thomas McAulay Millar at Yes Means Yes! on "ugly":

some insults appear to be empirical claims, but are effective even when demonstrably untrue. “Ugly” is like that. Antifeminist trolls call even the most obviously conventionally attractive women ugly; and it still has some power, even when used against women famous for their beauty. Why?Why indeed. Because they’re not empirical claims at all. They are claims that assert a truth based in social structure. “Ugly” and “slut” work not because of the truth of the matter asserted, but primarily and often exclusively because there are elements of the culture that work to instill in every woman an insecurity that these things are true. The insult is really a claim about the existence of an insecurity; and the hurling of the insult itself is part of the social structure that creates and maintains the unsecurity. And I know several prominent feminists who admit that some of these insults sting even if rationally they know it’s untrue, for just that reason. It takes a strong woman to really just remain unaffected by it. A lot of women I’ve talked to over the years remember vividly when Kathleen Hanna wrote “slut” on herself in lipstick, because it was a difficult and radical thing to do.

* Sady Doyle is smart, and talks about books.

  • Aaron

    Eh, I'll believe the "11% masturbate while driving" statistic when I see it proved -- anybody who's ever even just tried to piss in a mayonnaise jar while driving cross-country knows it's a lot harder to split your concentration like that than it looks.

  • Anon

    Mayonnaise jar? Dude try a Gatorade bottle. The wide opening is perfect.

    And try actual intercourse while driving. It takes a straight empty road and low speeds but it can (and has) been done.

  • kza

    They're probably readjusting not masturbating.

  • drsnacks

    I don't think they meant exclusive to member out with intent to climax.

  • Charlie

    Help me out here.

    I have been trying to make some sort of joak tying people who masturbate while driving to people who apply makeup while driving. While I have never seen the former activity (perhaps due the nature of the beast (that is because it is lower down and more easily hidden and possibly because of the time of day issues may come into play) I have seen the latter on more than one occasion.

    Perhaps the joak would be something related to multitasking. Does the City Paper have a staff artist? This crys out for a cartoon.

  • Aaron

    Anon: Because a Gatorade bottle has a wider mouth than a mayonnaise jar? Where do you buy your mayonnaise?

    Also I don't drink Gatorade, for two reasons:

    1) I have enough sweat of my own, and don't need to guzzle something that tastes just like it and is strangely neon green.

    2) If I want to take something shaped like a cock and put the end of it in my mouth, I can find lots of ways to do exactly that without needing to involve a Gatorade bottle at all.

    Also, *you* try intercourse while driving. Why would I want to try to split my concentration between something that's only enjoyable when I'm paying attention to it, and something that's likely to kill me outright if I *don't* pay attention to it? That's just foolish.

    kza: That's what I was thinking, especially since, if you've really got to get in there and sort something out, you're going to want to wait until the vehicle's no longer in motion before you do it. Most likely, the first opportunity's going to be the next red light, so...

    And regarding the 'joak' about how masturbating in public is *exactly like* those silly ladies and their mascara -- Better hang on to the bike shop, Orville.

  • Charlie

    I believe it is called "distracted driving"

    But I had to correct my spelling since I had a typo - dikstracted at first. Safe driving requires that people keep their full attention on the road and not be fiddling about with cell phones, CD's and 'stuff'.

  • figleaf

    "-the worst feminist, amirite?" Yourite!

    One quibble I have with folks on the right who try and compare Palin to 19th-Century feminists. Sure, compared to some early New England feminists she's radically over-the-top. But culturally speaking that's apples to oranges: everything in the 19th Century was more conservative! Had they come of age the same time Palin did they'd almost certainly be less conservative than she. Possibly radically over-the-top less conservative.


  • kza

    I comment on this site while driving. Is that safer than masturbating?