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“Huge” Brings Fat Acceptance, Stereotyping to ABC


Alyssa Rosenberg points to the trailer for the latest project starring Hairspray's Nikki Blonsky. It's called "Huge," and it appears to be a story about triumphing-against-fat-camp-and-learning-to-love-your-body. Like Rosenberg, I'm all for tackling body image issues among teens head-on, but given that the trailer alone features a. obsessive dieting by the popular girl, b. as Rosenberg describes it, "a scene of Blonsky swiping [said popular] girl's abandoned dessert," c. a voiceover announcing, "in life there are no small issues," and d. the title "Huge," I'm worried the show will be indulging in a series of fat stereotypes only to knock them down with a requisite "but I love my body!" at episode's end. Then again, the  concern trolling that's already piling up in the comments for the YouTube trailer suggest that tonal issues aside, teens could really use a show like this.

  • Native American JD

    No one should accept being fat. Being overweight imposes health burdens on yourself, and health costs on other taxpayers.

    It's your patriotic duty to live healthy, in the name of deficit (and waist) reduction, males and females alike.

  • kza

    They should have a commercial where a group of fat people drive past Uncle Sam who is standing at the side of the road and he looks at the camera and sheds a tear. Unpatriotic fools!

  • Meow Kitten

    That commercial only works if Uncle Sam once had a weight issue too, but overcame it through diet, exercise, and Jenny Craig.

  • Raine

    Umm, old people also have health problems, and black people tend to have higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, and other things supposedly related to obesity. Should we shame and punish them for it?

    Not everyone who is fat is unhealthy and using extra medical care, and not everyone who is skinny is healthy. It's that simple. btw, exercise is one of the main ways to lose weight, but those who are athletes or exercise regularly also cause higher health costs because of the injury rate, so maybe we should penalize them, too?