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Speed Botox Hits Georgetown This Summer


This summer, District wrinkles are under assault with the opening of D.C.'s "first ever botox boutique." The Georgetown-based Luxxery Express Medical Spa will feature no-appointment-necessary injectable fillers for "D.C.’s on-the-go, beauty-driven community"—a local demographic that's been ignored for too long.

The man behind the needle is Dr. Ayman Hakki, who, according to a press release, "saw two alternatives as a career: become a plastic surgeon like Ivo Pitangue whose work on Sophia Lauren popularized cosmetic surgery or become an architect like Frank Gehry whose work evokes both pop culture and high art." Thankfully for the nomadic beauty-driven community, Hakki's "love of beauty and the human body" won out. The choice paid off: The presser touts him as "the first D.C. metropolitan-area plastic surgeon whose artistry was featured on MTV’s 'True Life: I Want Breast Implants.'" He'll be available to stuff your face at 2141 Wisconsin Ave. NW starting July 1.

  • K

    Why only 2-x Luxxery? I demand xxx at least!

  • Jenny

    When will the stationary, ugliness-driven community get to have a space of our own? WHEN?!

  • Kit-Kat

    "Artistry" and "MTV": two terms not often found in the same sentence. And how exactly does botulism toxism injected into your forehead represent a love of either beauty or the human body?

  • Lizrd

    I am so in love with the human body, I must modify it to fit an arbitrary standard for profit! I am, after all, an ARTISTE.

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  • k not K

    I would be very apprehensive about going to a plastic surgeon whose favorite architect is Gehry. Just look at those lumpy-ass slug-lookin buildings. It wouldn't end well.