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Stumped Pro-Lifers Video Corner


The Abortioneers point us to this 30-second spot targeted at encouraging citizens to make thoughtful decisions about abortion rights. An Abortioneer on the ad's effect: "everyone has an automatic reaction to they way they feel about abortion, simply because it's against Catholic doctrine. But when asked to consider the morality of the issue, they're stumped." (The Abortioneer admits that selective editing may have been involved. That's advertising for you!) More where that came from at the link.

  • Jesus son

    I think you meant "selective editing" not "selecting editing."

  • Amanda Hess

    Right you are! Thanks Jesus son, I've edited the post.

  • hn

    wait what I thought only pro-life people were allowed to do this editing thing

  • pipi long stockings

    Whether those people actually gave that series of responses or not, I think it's a pretty clever way to have viewers asking the same question themselves.

    If only something like that would appear in America.

  • PD

    It's a little misleading to say "are you against abortion" as opposed to "are you against providing safe and legal abortions," since most of us would probably say we do not think abortions are swell and wish more women would have them. But I think the ad hits home a very true and necessary point: the majority of us probably know at least one person who's had an abortion, and very few of us would be willing to condemn and prosecute that person outright. It's easy to stand on a sidewalk screaming about the immorality of strangers, but not so much when it's someone you know and love.