The Sexist

The Morning After: Atlas Sucked Edition

* "Atlas Shrugged," the movie, as imagined by Sady Doyle:


DAGNY TAGGART, MULTI-MILLIONAIRE INDUSTRIALIST/LADY: I would also like to know the answer to that question!


DAGNY TAGGART: Ohhhh, so sexy!

* Georgetown Girl endeavors to answer the question, "What's a feminist?" She's compiling answers from "students and recently graduated students," "adults," and "female politicians and celebrities." If you're a student, recently graduated student, adult, female politician, or celebrity, e-mail her to participate!

* Molly Ren on the latest in macabre sex toy technology: the sex coffin. "I don’t think I’d react . . . well to being shut inside the coffin. The lid is so heavy it takes both hands to lift, and the act of shutting my friend away “forever” was a powerful visual. I’d struggle and scream inside the coffin if someone shut me inside it—and the opportunity to really struggle and scream against a much larger dom is what excites me about it."

* On Broadsheet, Scientology gets even creepier: coerced abortions, via "intimidation, isolation and forced manual labor for pregnant women who decided to continue their pregnancies."

* And check out Fannie's Room for another reason religion sucks.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Blooming Psycho

    I may participate in Georgetown Girl's study. Do not expect me to jump into the Sex Coffin, however. That is an experience that I would find beyond creepy and anything but a turn-on.
    Although I need no convincing that organized religion sucks, I'll check out that link. I guess Scientology is a form of organized religion. Either way, it sucks too.

  • Molly Ren

    Thanks for the mention, Amanda! Though I dunno if it's actually "the latest", I'd just never come across one before!

    @Blooming Psycho: "That is an experience that I would find beyond creepy and anything but a turn-on." I think for me the fantasy is less about the macabe and more about consensually feeling physically powerless. By g-d knows what brain chemistry, I sometimes get horny under the influence of certain kinds of fear, and this little senario is a way to get that while at the same time facing what I'm really scared of (dying). It doesn't *have* to be a coffin: a couple mental variations on this senario involve getting locked inside one of those magician's cabinets with a false bottom.

  • AZ Expat

    Hey, now - let's dial back the hateful generalizations, shall we? Organized religion as a whole may not have the best record on sexual politics or progressive thinking, but faith does not imply women-bashing. My DC church not only supports and embraces the LGBTQ folk, but the liturgy is very consciously gender-neutral when it comes to God. The progressive side of the faith community needs to be encouraged and supported, not dismissed as non-existent or lumped in with the haters.

  • kza

    Does your church pay property taxes?

  • Lizrd

    UUUGH Atlas Shrugged. Is it just me or does every evo-psych-touting male undergrad who's read Ayn Rand wield this stupid book like its divine permission to be a self-entitled, privileged douchebag. I wish Atlas Shrugged and evo psych would go away forever!

  • bellacoker


    I read Ayn Rand at a very impressionable age and used to tell my mother that she had chosen to have and be responsible for us kids, and other completely insufferable things that I cringe to remember.

  • Jeff

    This is the worst book ever written.

    Nobody talks like they do. If it wasn't a bible of sorts for a religion of greed, it would have been swept under the rug of history.