The Sexist

An Ode to Street Harassers: “Fuck You, So Much”


Via Holla Back NYC, it's "the most amazing song about street harassment ever written." Songwriter Satah Cameron, who plays as "Duckies Are The Best Animal," says the epic song covering all the stages of street harassment is dedicated to "one of those people who thinks they have the right to make a woman feel uncomfortable because she dares expose her ankles in public: fuck you, so much."

  • Kate Black

    She's AWESOME!

    Sort of a lighter version of Desiderata's Upon A Man Looking At A Woman. (Which I desperately need to rip from vinyl, since I can't find an mp3 version for sale anywhere.)

  • groggette

    The bit from 2:50 to 3:00 is epic in it's own right. Rock the fuck on Satah!

  • b-bop

    This dispels the myth that it's only the girls that should expect a lot of male attention as a result of looking a certain way that get harassed. This girl is a cute alternative hipster looking type--opposite the spectrum to someone that looks like Miss DC, who also gets harassed.

    In what universe would you expect someone who looks like an indie rocker to be flattered by your sexual advances, and happens.

  • b-bop

    **I should clarify that I am referring to completely inappropriate sexual advances.

  • Flutterby

    2:44-2:59 are the Best Lyrics Ever. The way she tones down her voice a bit near the end captures the stupidity of their words perfectly.

  • EmilyBites

    Brilliant. I can see the video for a collaboration with Jen Corey: a superheroine duet. Satah rocks while Miss D.C. bodyslams assholes, perfectly in time to the music. Smiling, baby!

  • Kate Black

    Emily, if that happens, I will be on a BOLT bus from NYC to DC to witness it.

    I had a run in with a library masturbator the day before I saw this. Then I was targeted by another public jerker last night on the subway here. I've played this at least 10 times. It's some comfort for not being able to enjoy the nice weather without being horribly violated.